Weddings are beautiful celebrations of love, and capturing those precious moments on video is a must for many couples. While hiring a professional videographer is the traditional route, an emerging trend is to shoot the wedding video yourself, using the power of smartphones…

With the right guidance and tools, you can transform your guests’ phones into an army of cinematographers, capturing every heartfelt moment, from multiple angles. In this guide, we’ll explore how to shoot your own wedding video by having your friends film it using their phones, with the assistance of our specialised service here at FIY Wedding.

1. Embrace the Power of Smartphone Cameras for DIY Filming: One of the most exciting aspects of shooting your wedding video yourself is that you get to shoot it yourself using the capabilities of smartphone cameras. Encourage your guests to utilize their smartphones to capture the wedding, whilst ensuring they have enough storage space and fully charged batteries. Inform them that their phones will play a crucial role in creating lasting memories that they themselves have captured.

2. Utilise FIY Wedding’s Services to Simplify the Process: FIY Wedding offers a unique platform designed specifically for those who want to shoot it themselves. Create a free account and receive your personalised ‘Upload Link.’ This link can be shared with your guests, allowing them to upload their videos directly to your account. You can even assign specific guests filming duties for key parts of the wedding, and they will receive guidance and the Upload Link via SMS, empowering them to be part of the “shoot it yourself” experience.

3. Plan Ahead and Communicate for a Successful DIY Shoot: To ensure a seamless and successful shoot it yourself wedding video, it’s essential to plan ahead and communicate with your guests. Provide them with a schedule of the day’s events, including the ceremony, speeches, first dance, and any other significant moments they shoot. This way, they’ll know what to expect and be prepared to “shoot it themselves” at the right moments. Assign specific guests to film specific segments to guarantee comprehensive coverage.

4. Share Filming Guidelines to Capture the Best Shots: While your friends may not be professional videographers, you can still provide them with some basic filming guidelines. Advise them to hold their phones horizontally to capture wide shots and stability, and remind them to avoid excessive zooming, which can result in shaky footage. Encourage them to experiment with different angles and perspectives to add variety to their footage.

5. Capture Candid Moments for Authenticity: One of the joys of a DIY shoot it yourself wedding video is capturing candid moments that truly reflect the authenticity of your special day. Encourage your guests to keep their cameras rolling and capture candid interactions, heartfelt laughter, and genuine emotions. These authentic moments will make your wedding video truly special and memorable.

6. Consider Audio Quality for a Well-Rounded Experience: While focusing on visuals is important, don’t forget about audio quality. Remind your guests to position themselves close to the action and minimize background noise. If possible, provide them with small clip-on microphones or recommend using a dedicated voice recording app on their phones for clearer audio during speeches and vows.

7. Post-Production: Leave It to the Professionals for a Stunning Edit: Once you have collected all the footage from your guests’ efforts, it’s time to transform it into a polished wedding video. Here at FIY Wedding, we offer an option to purchase a Highlights Film. Our team of professional video editors will expertly curate and edit the wedding video for you, using all your guests’ footage.

Filming your own wedding video with the help of your guests’ smartphones is an exciting and cost-effective way to document your special day. By using FIY Wedding’s services, you can simplify the process of collecting and organising the footage.

Remember to plan ahead, communicate with your guests, and provide them with basic filming guidelines.

Embrace the power of smartphones to capture candid moments and cherish the memories for years to come. Whether you choose to edit the footage yourself or opt for professional assistance, shooting your own wedding video will undoubtedly add a personal touch to your story of love.

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