DIY Wedding Video

Taking care of your own wedding video without the help of a professional isn’t an easy task, but with the right planning it can absolutely be done!

In this guide we breakdown the process into a few simple steps to help you create a beautiful video to capture your day.

Example Highlight Videos

Here’s some examples of what’s possible to achieve with a DIY wedding video. These videos have been filmed by wedding guests, and edited by us here at FIY Wedding.

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Why make a DIY wedding video?

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The great thing about filming your own wedding video, is that you already have everything you need! We recommend filming entirely on phones, as phone cameras are very good quality these days.

We recommend that guests use their own mobile phones. Nearly every phone made since 2015 can film in 4K at 60 frames per second. That’s very good, and in fact better quality than you really need.

Our advice is to not worry too much about what phones people have. When was the last time somebody sent you a video they filmed on their phone and you turned your nose up at the quality? Trust us, it’s good enough.

If you have one particular friend that you think would do a great job, then there’s no harm in asking them if they’d be up for taking care of the filming.

However, bear in mind that this is a big responsibility, and that might feel like they can’t say no! If they are taking care of filming all day, it can make it difficult for them to enjoy their day as a guest at the wedding. For this reason, we always recommend splitting DIY filming duties between multiple guests. These are main tips:

  • split filming between multiple guests
  • clearly assign parts of the day to each guest (e.g. ceremony, cake cutting, speeches, etc. – our web app makes this easy!)
  • choose guests from each side of the family and different friend groups – this helps you get a wide range of coverage
  • ensure your key Filmers have memory on their phone and keep them charged
  • choose ‘responsible’ guests for later in the day (when alcohol may be having an effect!)

If you do split filming duties between a number of guests, they most likely won’t all have filming experience!

When you assign Filmers through our service, we send them guidance for their specific filming role a week before your wedding.

The hardest part of making a DIY wedding video is possibly the editing. If you don’t have any experience (or any willing friends that do), you may really struggle here.

At Filmed On Phones, we edit the footage together for you. We edit our footage with Adobe Premiere Pro, which available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud

However if you don’t have any experience, it’s probably not worth splashing out on expensive software. You could try using the editor built into the Photos app on Windows 10, or iMovie on Apple. If you’re not looking to do anything more than cut the shots together and add some music, this should all be doable!

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