No Videographer? 6 Tips for a DIY Wedding Video

Planning a wedding on a tight budget or simply want a more personal touch to your wedding video? Don’t worry, you can still capture the magic of your special day with a DIY wedding video!

While hiring a professional videographer may not be an option, with the right tips and tools (and a little help from us!), you can still have a special video to remember your day by. In this guide, we’ll share valuable insights and techniques to help you create a stunning DIY wedding video that will be cherished for a lifetime.

1. Plan Ahead

Before diving into your DIY wedding video project, take some time to plan ahead. Determine the key moments you want to capture, such as the ceremony, speeches, first dance, and maybe some candid interactions.

Create a shot list and timeline to ensure you don’t miss any important moments. With Filmed On Phone’s services, you can simplify the process of collecting videos from your guests’ smartphones by providing them with an easy-to-use Upload Link. Head here to start your booking.

2. Enlist Help

Assign trusted friends or family members as your “video crew” for the day. Have them use their own smartphones and provide basic instructions on framing and capturing moments. Encourage them to capture candid shots and ensure they are positioned strategically to cover different angles.

FIY Wedding’s platform allows you to assign specific guests filming duties, making it easy to coordinate and ensure comprehensive coverage. Just provide us with their name and mobile number, and we’ll send them dedicated guidance a week before your wedding, and the day after we’ll send them your Upload Link.

3. Invest in Equipment

While smartphone cameras can produce impressive results, consider investing in a few additional equipment pieces to enhance the quality of your DIY wedding video.

Tripods or stabilizers can help eliminate shaky footage, external microphones can improve audio clarity during speeches, and additional lighting equipment can enhance the visual appeal.

Remember, Filmed On Phones specializes in assisting with the collection and organization of smartphone videos, making it a perfect companion for your DIY project.

4. Capture Candid Moments

One of the advantages of a DIY wedding video is the opportunity to capture authentic and intimate moments. Encourage your “Filmers” to be on the lookout for candid interactions, emotional reactions, and spontaneous moments of joy. These candid shots will add a personal touch to your video and evoke cherished memories for years to come.

5. Pay Attention to Lighting and Audio

Good lighting and clear audio will really help make a wedding video look professional.

When filming indoors, make use of natural light or consider using additional lighting sources to avoid harsh shadows.

Outdoors, take note of the direction and intensity of sunlight. Additionally, ensure that the audio is crisp and free from ambient noise.

FIY Wedding’s platform allows you to gather videos from multiple sources, ensuring a variety of perspectives and audio sources to work with during editing.

6. Edit with Care

After collecting all the footage, it’s time to transform it into a beautiful wedding video. If you have the skills and software, you can edit the footage yourself.

However, if you prefer professional editing, Filmed On Phones offers an option to purchase a Highlights Film created by their skilled video editors. This service can save you time and provide a polished and cinematic final product, and it’s highly affordable.

Good Luck!

Creating a DIY wedding video is an excellent way to capture the magic and essence of your special day. With careful planning, the help of friends or family, and the assistance of services like FIY Wedding, you can create a beautiful and memorable video that tells the story of your wedding. Embrace the DIY spirit and let your creativity shine as you embark on this exciting project.

Start shooting, capturing, and preserving those precious moments with a DIY wedding video that truly reflects your love and uniqueness.

Remember, Filmed On Phones is here to support you throughout the process, making it easier than ever to collect and organize your guests’ videos. Explore the possibilities and unlock the potential of a DIY wedding video that will be treasured for a lifetime – create your account, or get in touch to get started.

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