About Us

Filmed On Phones is a passion project of husband and wife pairing, Ollie & Shona. We wanted to bring fun and affordable, collaboratively-captured wedding videos to the masses.


Chief Video Editor, Office DJ, Breakfast Smoothie Maker and Head of Holiday Planning.


Head of Strategy, Meal Planning Expert, Purse String Extraordinaire and Coffee Making Specialist.

Our Story

When we got married in the summer of 2022, our guests captured many moments from the day on their phones.

While it initially posed a challenge to gather and compile all the clips, we persevered… and ultimately edited them together, making our own highlights film. We found the video not only conveyed the essence of our wedding day, but also offered a unique and intimate perspective – how it was seen through the eyes of our nearest and dearest!

We felt there had to be an easier way to organise everyone and collect their footage in, and this is how Filmed On Phones was born – a platform dedicated to empowering couples like us to involve their friends in capturing the magic of their wedding day.

Shona & Ollie

Founders of Filmed On Phones

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