Introducing Video Guestbooks

We’re super excited to be launching a brand new service as part of the Filmed On Phones offering… the Wedding Video Guestbook!

Our Video Guestbook, allows you to capture video messages from your wedding guests, and we’ll have them ready for you to watch back on your honeymoon!

How the Video Guestbook works

The overall premise is similar to our normal packages – after making a booking you will need to choose your videographer/s, who will record videos and upload clips ready for editing.

It’s a little different, you’ll have a dedicated web page created for you which you can share with your videographers directly. This includes guidance for them, the link to upload their clips, and a button for them to confirm once uploads are completed.

As soon as they confirm uploads are complete, we’ll get to work editing your video, usually within 24 hours. The idea is that this can all happen whilst you’re still on your honeymoon – so you can be sat on the beach with your husband or wife, watching back video messages from your wedding guests on the day of your wedding!

What kind of questions do they ask?

Ultimately this is up to you, but we do provide some guidance for your videographer/s.

We generally suggest a straightforward “do you have a message for the bride and groom?”, as well as some follow ups, such as…

  • What’s been your favourite moment of today so far?
  • Any marriage advice for the bride and groom?
  • Can you share a favourite story that involves them?

As always, there’s no limit to the number of uploads your videographers can make, and you will also have access to all the uploaded clips!

Did we mention this is all super affordable?!

Take a look for yourself.

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