Introducing… FIY Wedding

Please note, FIY Wedding has now rebranded – we are known as Filmed On Phones.

Hi, I’m Ollie! After many months of deliberation I’m really excited to be finally bringing FIY Wedding into the world. I can’t wait to get cracking on this new venture – with our first wedding booking being just over a week away.

What is FIY Wedding?

Update (October 2023): We were originally known as FIY Wedding, as in “Film It Yourself” Wedding. We have since rebranded to our current name of Filmed On Phones. Essentially with Filmed On Phones, your friends film your wedding on their phones… and we edit the video!

Our website makes this easy to do – once you’ve made a booking you can simply assign filming duties and we’ll take care of the rest – sending guidance to your Filmers and collecting their clips after the wedding.

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