FIY at the County Brides Wedding Fayre

Earlier this month we took part in our first wedding fayre! Living by our motto of “go big, or go home”, we opted for their biggest fayre of the season, at the home of Manchester City.

City just so happen to be our team, so the venue might have factored in a little to our choice…

Having never been to a wedding show before, we didn’t really know what to expect. We had some great chats though, and look forward to working on videos for some of our new customers!

The Film Your Own Wedding Service

One of the big challenges we found was getting the concept of FIY across succinctly. With our film-your-own-wedding service being a completely new proposition, it did take a little bit of explaining at times -we’ve learnt a lot about how we need to convey our message in future.

We have some big, exciting changes planned for how we execute the FIY service, which we’ll be launching over the next few weeks. This is going to mean some radical changes to our website and our marketing, but we’ll still be ultimately offering the same Film It Yourself wedding videos.

County Brides

Thanks to everyone that stopped by to chat, and a big thank you to County Brides for having us! And also, of course, to my lovely wife who was a huge help on the day.

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