FIY 2.0 is live!

Please note this blog post is largely outdated and refers to our old system, when we operated as “FIY Wedding”. We are now called Filmed On Phones, visit the homepage for an up to date explanation of how our platform works!

We’re really excited to announce version 2.0 of FIY Wedding is finally here!

It’s something we’ve been working away on behind the scenes for the last couple of months so it feels great to finally put it out into the world… and we hope you love it too!

FIY Wedding is now a ‘web app’. This means it functions similar to any app you’d have on your phone, but you (and your guests) don’t need to download anything. What’s more, it’s completely FREE to sign up!

Here’s a rundown of the main new features:

  • When you create your account, your ‘Upload Link’ (where guests add videos) is automatically created
  • Printable QR cards are generated for you too, which you can print at home (or order fancy versions of from the shop)
  • You can add dedicated ‘Filmers’ for all the big moments (such as the ceremony). We’ll send them dedicated guidance via SMS a week before your wedding, and your Upload Link the day after.
  • Edits (such as a highlights film) can be purchased from our online shop

We’re really proud of what we’ve created. We’ll be rolling this out to existing bookings soon – but don’t worry, you’ll still receive all the same services you originally purchased.

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